Practice limited to pro bono services through OSB Certified Programs.

Robert Nunn Focused On What Matters

About Robert Nunn

In business and in life, it’s our experiences that make us who we are. I have decades of legal experience backed by accounting practice, business education, and a keen sense of what matters most – family.

Four Decades of Experience

After nearly forty years helping private business owners navigate the complexities of business law, I know what’s important and why. This allows me to offer tremendous value to small and medium businesses; clients who work with me benefit from my decades of big-firm experience without the overhead of a large team.

A Diverse Background

I have a diverse work and educational background that gives me a different perspective than most business attorneys. Before practicing law I was a CPA and I have an MBA. Drawing on my education and experience, I try to find the best solution, which isn’t always the same solution taught in law school.

Changing My Focus

Although I had a long and rewarding career as partner at large firms, I decided that I wasn’t quite ready to retire. So I’ve set out to build a limited-scope solo practice to serve the types of clients I most enjoy working with: small and medium, closely-held businesses, owners, and their families. I do only what I love and I’m good at. I rely on my extensive network of other attorneys when clients need additional services. Now my focus is on the satisfaction of doing quality work, helping businesses grow and succeed, and having some fun in the process.


Thursdays are Grandpa/Granddaughter days!