Law practice limited to pro bono services through OSB Certified Programs.

Robert Nunn Just Right Strategies


My approach to business legal counsel is a straight-forward: relationships first, clear communications, and just-right strategies.


Strong and lasting relationships are at the heart of good business and the attorney-client relationship is a particularly important place to build trust and understanding. Though I help navigate business transactions, my client relationships are far from transactional. I strive to be a long-term partner and an integral part of my clients’ teams.


I write legal documents my clients can read and understand. I value simplicity and elegance in legal work for one reason: clarity averts conflict. I take the time to understand the intentions behind what people say and define clear expectations for both sides. From this understanding I write simple, yet effective, documents that support and protect your business.


I help business owners make smart, well-informed decisions. I truly listen to learn about my client’s business priorities, and what is most important to them. I make sure my clients understand the possible risks, but they decide what’s right for the business. Together we find the right balance of risk and opportunity to get results.

Robert Nunn, Attorney & Consultant