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Robert Nunn Legal Counsel with Good Business Sense

Areas of Practice

Entity Choice and Formation

Set the Course with Confidence

Determining how to structure your business or non-profit is an important early and fundamental decision. The proper entity choice depends on your goals, resources, exit strategy, and more. Bylaws, articles of incorporation, operating agreements, and other documents must be drafted. Form your organization with informed clarity.

LLC Agreements

Handshake Agreements Brought to Life

Trust is at the heart of every successful partnership, and clear communication is the key to building real trust. I help business partners understand, define, express, and agree upon roles, compensation, and more. Clear and enforceable operating agreements make for productive and long-lasting business relationships.

Buying a Business

Focused Due Diligence for Smart Investments

When you’re ready to buy a business, working with an experienced business lawyer is one of the smartest investments you can make.  Get the full picture, from the 10,000 foot view to the finest details, by tapping into my skills before you go for that “great opportunity.”

Contract Negotiation and Drafting

Multi-Party Agreements that Stand the Test of Time

A concise and understandable contract, written in plain English, is the best tool for clearly communicating everyone’s roles and responsibilities, and avoiding conflict. A good contract is a simple and elegant expression of a complex agreement.

Business Mediation

Find Common Ground and Get Back to Business

When conflict arises, it is wise to avoid the high cost of litigation. Compromise is the best way to stay out of the court room and mediation is the way to come to a productive compromise. I can assist you as an advocate or act as a mediator.

Tax Effective Planning

A Pro-Active Approach

When you’re building a tax strategy for your business or non-profit, you have to consider the consequences and trade-offs for every decision you make. Your strategy may vary as your business changes, but it must be pro-active. Make a plan or the IRS will.

Strategic Thinking

Focused on Your Future

An effective and sustainable growth strategy focuses on delivering the best value to your customers and also creating a healthy profit for the business. Decide where you’re headed then create an effective plan to bring your business to the next stage.

Special Projects

Simple Responses to Complex Issues

Some projects are specific to your business, industry, or a specific transaction. I can help with: Term sheets, Letters of Intent, Mergers and Acquisitions, Dispositions, Real Estate transactions Independent Contractor or Employment Agreements, Intellectual Property, Licensing, non-profit tax exemption qualification and more.

Family Business Consulting

Work-Life Balance Unique to Your Business

How do you balance your family’s needs with your business’s needs? How do you answer the many questions that start “What happens if…?” Your business needs to operate in a way that is both profitable and sustainable for your family.

Succession Planning

Establishing Leadership for a Bright Future

Your company’s stability and future depend on a smooth transition between leaders. I can help you by leveraging my experience in all stages of business counsel to create a succession plan that will let your company flourish, even as you step back.

Inter-Generational Transitions

Keep the Family in Your Family Business

When the time comes to pass the family business on to the next generation emotions can cloud your judgement. Clear-headed counsel can help you preserve your legacy…and family relationships.

Selling Your Business

Get the Full Value

Relationships built over a lifetime will pay dividends when you are ready to sell. But to sell your business you need to not only find qualified and interested buyers who value what you’ve built – you also need to assure the purchase price is secured and the transaction completed.